“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.”
– Bill Bradley


The world is constantly changing, evolving, and ever so demanding. Individuals in leadership positions have to constantly re-invent themselves in order to maintain poise, lead with example, and manage not only their own personal and professional goals but a department, an organization, and even a community.

It takes special skills to be a true leader and in today’s day and age one must maintain continuous growth, flexibility, openness for change, and manage challenging situations in organizations.

This leadership program is equipped with all the tools to help aspiring and current leaders lead with their true talents and skills, manage personal and professional growth, establish and maintain connections that make them true leaders to lead and support teams to thrive in both their personal and professional lives.


MODULE 1: Understanding Leadership

  • What is leadership?
  • What kind of leader are you?
  • How your personality affects your leadership style?

MODULE 2: Self Awareness

  • What is Self-Awareness?
  • Understanding your identity
  • Understanding Assessments
  • Enhancing self-awareness

MODULE 3: Self Management

  • Learn self-management tools and skills to empower your growth
  • Learn how to self-motivate and lead by example.

MODULE 4: Relationships

  • Understand the value of maintaining connections and relationships
  • Learning empathy and manage your social connections
  • Using positive communication to get your message across

MODULE 5: Personal Productivity

  • Understand the value of time and how to manage your activities effectively
  • Learn tools to create goals and accomplish them on time
  • High performance habits of leaders

MODULE 6: Coaching Skills

  • Understand the value of coaching
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback
  • Learn how to coach and motivate your team

Training Features

What’s included: Handbook, Certificate of Completion, Follow-up coaching sessions, Video Teaser, and Group Pictures.

Participants: will engage in presentation skills, role playing, team work, problem solving, and much more!

Training: clients can choose the modules based on their requirements, and the training is tailor-made to fit the type of organization.

Program Length: 6 to 12 Month program, tailor made!

Language: the training can be conducted in both Dutch & English.

Group size: minimum 5, maximum 15

Discount: group discounts will be offered for groups of 12 to 15 people.





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